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A Warm Welcome 

My name is Adèle, I am a small business coach and intuitive energy healer, bringing a fusion of wellbeing and support for you and your business.

Experiencing business from a variety of roles over a 17 year career gave me unique insight. Witnessing high flying leaders and products emerging from the corporate world, investment floor, PR and marketing arenas gave me knowledge on what’s required to walk the full path of Concept through to Creation. Being able to see your business situation through the lens of many disciplines allows me to effectively guide you through the fastest and easiest steps to bring your vision to life!

As someone who overcame severe anxiety, personal well-being and joy were the drivers for my big life and career shift, I know that on the other side of fear is your infinite source of personal ‘liquid gold’ fuel for life. I now apply all my skills and years of experience to you in finding your business success. I love sharing what I do best; supporting people in realising their uniqueness, their gifts, capabilities and to get them aligned and on track towards their goals.

I love business, I love well-being and I love the gift of working intuitively. All my gifts combined give rise to my authentic fusion, a ‘light your path’ approach to small business coaching and healing.

Core Beliefs

It’s about you feeling good and finding what feels good for your business or creative project

Integrating wellbeing into your life empowers you to create a life and a business you love

Our unique abilities and gifts are our personalised life navigation tools

The powerful fusion of wellbeing and business brings solutions and greater satisfaction 

Struggles are old layers you’ve outgrown, or where a belief pattern no longer fits, coming to the surface for attention and release, in your own time and in your own way

Success is finding your own powerful fusion of sustainable task-based, authentic business practices and wellbeing

There is little, if anything, in life we can control, but we can positively influence our thoughts…and then take terrific, mindful action

Getting support to identify your unique life gifts, explore your options, make informed choices and create your special business can be the game changer

 “Each session is illuminating, in the sense that a new layer of clarity around a project or idea is revealed. Adele is highly intuitive and combines this holistic approach with acute business acumen resulting in a practical strategy that also feels authentically aligned to my core values.”

Hayley Felton

Soul Passion

“Adele’s depth of insight, calming pragmatism, sincerity and experience; coupled with her sensitive understanding of the complex reality of human lives and ability not only to be deeply supportive, but also to take a holistic, forward looking approach combine to make Adele a very special life coach, strategist and natural healer…”    

Mrs G, Cape Town, South Africa

How can Concept to Creation help you…

I work with my amazing clients on a 1-2-1 basis, or in group workshops, online and face to face. A format to suit you and your budget to get results with ease in the most effective and cost-effective way. There are three easy options to choose from. 

Stepping away from a typical office job, I gained first hand insight into the challenges that small business, career and life-shifts throw at you. The Concept to Creation approach is focused on empowering you to live the life you love. Retainers and dependency aren’t the order of the day here; the aim is to support you to grow and enable you to find success and fulfillment in your small business, career and day to day life. The pieces of the jigsaw come together and one supports the other. 

The initial step will always be to capture the essence of the person or workshop group, and the goal. This applies to all three areas finding wellbeing in Small business, Career and Life.

Finding alignment and clarity with the bigger picture is wonderfully illuminating, gives insight, important questions surface which can help you explore your options before taking out business loans, making departmental changes, handing in your resignation, applying for jobs, or making a life shift. 

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