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Career GPS

PA 1-2-1’s and workshops



Concept to Creation – Career GPS

A unique approach to career consultancy, aligning you with your natural gifts, identifying your skills and finding focus to develop in a way that is uniquely you. Together we will light your path. Take a look at how you can be supported in your career.



  • Career enhancement, mentoring, alignment with career change, finding direction
  • Special focus on support roles including Personal Assistant development workshops and mentoring (link to PA page)


Creating enjoyment in your working world enhances your experience and feel good factor in daily life….while you earn.



Taking the fear factor out of a career rethink and finding ease with a career review can open up possibilities you felt were out of reach. Timing for any change and what actions to take are entirely your choice; if you’ve done the ground work you are ready and able to leverage off any surprises whenever they land. Whether they are driven by you or not, YOU benefit from each step in your career.




Our inner Career GPS at some point needs to recalibrate


Whether you have followed a natural path of progression in a chosen career or moved between industries and sectors, gained qualifications, completed job training, right through to experiencing the highs and challenges of promotion.


Once the achievement boxes are ticked, we can find ourselves considering just how our career fits with the rest of life. Our needs and who we are now compared to who we were when we set off on this journey. Being on the verge of starting a  new career change but you need more clarity then you can find support with this too.



  • How does your career fit with your enjoyment of your social life, family life, activities outside work and general wellbeing?
  • How does it contribute to an overall goal?
  • …Did you remember to keep your dream alive?




A career rethink and honest reflection can seem daunting. Here are some common obstacles:


A career change is time consuming

It’s the wrong time of year

What if I have made the wrong choice in career?

I haven’t worked for a while, I have a degree in changing nappies and family life

I took a career break

Opportunities that were there when I began training 5/10/15/20 years ago are no longer available

I’ve had a change of heart, this just ‘isn’t me’ anymore, but I dont know where to start to get clarity

I want more of the enjoyment factor

My CV is out of date and I don’t know how to ‘sell’ myself


The one thing these all have in common are mind-set blocks, which, with a little of your time and commitment to yourself you can uncover your own answers and insights to these common obstacles.



The benefits can be far reaching, reviewing your career can help get your va va voom back on tap:


Personal Life

Enhancing work life through experience and enjoyment, more energy and enthusiasm

Spend your time (LIFE!) doing a job that you enjoy; find greater enjoyment in your current role

Release from the ‘stuck’ feeling

Consider where your occupation sits in the context of your dreams or ideal work-life style


Imagine looking forward to Monday mornings!

Support with any mindset blocks around career shift or career-life enhancement



Professional Life

Uncover hidden skills or those you no longer use in your current role

Identify which skills to develop to help you progress, broaden your horizons in alignment with your natural abilities,

Gain clarity on actions to take that are in alignment with what you enjoy and what will enhance your potential.

Sounding board for recrafting your CV

Find training or ongoing specialised support that’s right for you

Prepare for interviews so your personality and skills shine


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Support roles and PA workshops


  • Career enhancement, mentoring, alignment with career change and progression, finding direction during business change all apply to this specialised area
  • Extensive personal experience working at a variety of levels from junior to supporting the Board, roles in PR & Marketing and around a decade on investment floors in the City.



PA’s, Exec PA’s and Support roles are the oil that keep the wheels of daily business turning. Their contribution is almost impossible to quantify – they are not selling, targets and deadlines are a moveable feast depending on the activity of others; roles are largely reactive and you can only prepare so far ahead in order to respond to all the variables in any given day.


I liken these roles to that of the office Octopus. Answering calls from reception to VIPs, managing complex diaries, arranging THE event of the YEAR, answering team ‘how to’ queries on a new fan-dangle compliance procedure, launching a recovery operation for lost expense receipts while finding a taxi that “arrived 10 minutes ago” and has now gone AWOL. This roughly depicts the average half hour in a day in the life of a PA.


Yet when it comes to personal development and setting objectives silence descends, cartoon tumbleweed bounces across the room and inspiration grinds to an abrupt halt… Until someone chimes ‘Don’t worry, I’ll just write the same as last year’.


What can be done to enhance both performance and job satisfaction for PA’s and Support Staff?


Quality, focused time with PA’s and SS at all levels

Support staff retention – refresh, reboot, retain

Show Support staff they are valued

Structured time to enhance enjoyment, involvement and engagement in the business

Align PA’s during planned company changes, culture

Manage specific company, departmental challenges

Wellbeing: work life balance and what this looks like

Mindset, organisation, work and its role in life

Being present, energy levels and Narnia – no to burn out

Address the variety of responsibilities each unique role has

Identify skills or training needs to bring about value add

Work better together – find synergy – leveraging off our unique skill sets

Self-esteem and working across the business – how to bring out the best of YOU and find your confidence. Reception to the Board.

Time management – get stuff done, meta physics and time creation not required

Speaking up and managing difficult situations



Work with support staff can be done on a flexible basis:

  • Group ½ day workshops
  • 1-2-1 mentoring and development (minimum of 3 sessions initially)



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