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Tailored mentoring and engagement workshops to invest in the wellbeing and progress of your employees.

1-2-1 mentoring for PA’s and Support Staff expanding their horizons

Working with Concept to Creation:

Employee career enhancement, mentoring, alignment with career progression, support employees finding direction during business change, work life balance and wellbeing, meditation and relaxation.

Extensive personal experience working up to supporting Board level execs; roles in PR & Marketing and around a decade in support roles on investment floors in the City.

PA’s, Exec PA’s and Support roles are the oil 
that keep the wheels of daily business turning

Their contribution is almost impossible to quantify.
They are not selling, targets and deadlines are a moveable feast
depending on the activity of others.

Roles are largely reactive and you can only prepare so far ahead
in order to duly respond to the variables in any given day.

I liken these roles to the office octopus…

…Answering calls from reception to VIPs, managing complex diaries, coordinating THE event of the YEAR, answering team ‘how to’ queries on a new procedures, launching a recovery operation for lost expense receipts, while finding a taxi that “arrived 10 minutes ago” and has now gone AWOL.

This roughly depicts the average half hour in a day in the life of a PA.

Yet when it comes to personal development and setting objectives, silence descends and inspiration for development and new ideas for enhancing perfomance and team synergy grinds to a halt. Objective setting is often accompanied by the words ‘Don’t worry, I’ll just write the same as last year’.

If this sounds familiar, is it time to consider how PA’s and support roles can be valued and supported with external workshops or mentoring?

What can be done to enhance both performance and job satisfaction for PA’s and Support Staff?

  • Quality, focused time with PA’s and Support Staff at all levels
  • Support Staff retention – refresh, reboot, retain
  • Career PA progression support – greater responsibilities, senior roles
  • Show Support Staff they are valued
  • Structured time to enhance enjoyment, involvement and engagement in the business
  • Align PA’s during planned company changes
  • Manage specific company, departmental challenges
  • Wellbeing, work life balance and what this looks like
  • Mindset
  • Being present, energy levels and – no to burn out

  • Address the variety of responsibilities each unique role has
  • Identify skills or training needs
  • Work better together – find synergy by leveraging off unique skill sets
  • Self-esteem and working across the business – how to thrive and find your confidence. Reception to Board.
  • Time management – get stuff done, meta physics and time creation not required
  • Tailored mentoring and workshops to meet the unique needs of the company and employees

Support for your employees can be tailored and on a flexible basis:

  • Group ½ day workshops
  • 1-2-1 mentoring and development (minimum of 3 sessions recommended)
  • Affordable support

Please get in touch for more info - I'd love to hear from you!

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