Resources for You & Your Business

Here you will find helpful resources to support you on your journey; whether that is a life shift, the start of a new project or business, or simply finding your way through a new phase. 

We have the freedom of choice to call in support in many forms. Over many years I have enjoyed exploring and training in several areas, these give me knowledge and insight to share with my clients.

Understanding what support is best for you is a journey in itself. 

It could be a friendly, inspiring, supportive chat, or learning a new skill. Discovering ways to access parts of yourself beyond the busyness of your mind such as mindfulness or meditation.

Complementary therapies, such as Reiki energy healing, Bach flower remedies and aromatherapy, are simple to integrate into your wellness toolkit. 

Whichever modality you choose, I hope you find the resources here helpful, comforting and inspire greater enjoyment in all you do. 

Created with love.

Adele x

Create calm ~ Create joy ~ Create ease


Calm and Clarity

Let life’s worries and stresses roll off your shoulders. A peaceful guided meditation to help you identify and clear the blocks and old patterns that no longer serve you. Around 12 minutes of relaxation to leave you with greater clarity, a fresh perspective and ready for the day ahead.

Channelled and read by Adèle.

FREE until  28 February 2018

Finding Your Calm

When things feel too much it seems as if life isn’t backing your dreams. Take 10 minutes to feel supported as you look with compassion at your greatest fears & anxieties. We have all been there, feeling overwhelmed by our environment, circumstances, the behaviour of others. A soothing meditation that’s like talking to a trusted friend.

Guided and inspired by Adèle

Read by Isaac George

FREE until 28 February 2018

Coming Soon…

Clear your energy meditation… After noticing that my healing clients were facing struggles that simply didn’t belong to them, it was clear that a guided meditation would be helpful to support them in their wellness. 

Channelled and read by Adèle

Coming Soon…Currently in the mix

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MERAKI – (n)
To do something with soul, creativity or love. 
Your unique essence is infused in what you create

5-Day Calm & Clarity Challenge

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