Would you love support to create and grow your business with consistent, aligned actions, gentle strength and an evolving vision that feels good?

How do you truly feel about success? Are you allowing success, your style?

Taking your inspiration on the journey of concept to creation is a brave commitment and path to take. We all know there are many paths we can take in life; yet it’s the nudges and niggles, the ideas that light up, and visions that draw you into day dreams of doing things ‘another way’ that never seem to subside.

You have a certain deep knowing that your idea needs an outlet, bringing into form, and needs its time in the sun.

As an intuitive Business Consultant I work with a range of people from a variety of backgrounds and industries. It is my approach that is my niche, providing either or both practical input and holistic support.

No matter where you are in business; early days, work from home, or an established business or person with proven expertise and years under your belt… there is every reason to take the time to (re)connect with the purpose of your business, get clear on your direction of travel and take steps to present your business to the world in a way that feels fully aligned with your vision.

Whichever approach you choose, our purpose together is to create greater alignment and a positive, dynamic, fulfilling experience for you, your business…and therefore your clients.

Vision. Clarity. Structure. Creativity.

Vision.      Clarity.     Structure.     Creativity.


“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

Paolo Coelho



Want to just focus on the practical aspects?

Want to get the actions off your ‘to do’ list but need a sounding board in terms of design, angle, direction and content?

Want to re-brand OR launch a new programme, product or marketing platform?

No problem.

Sometimes we need to get in creative mode and lighten the load with the practical side of business.

Using my practical skills and intuitive abilities I support my clients to create a sense of flow and consistency across their business offering.

I can often visualize look and feel very early on in the process. Sometimes this happens before our first meeting. However, what’s really important is connecting you with your intuition and direction.

Business Vision, Branding, Content & Planning ~ A La Carte

Here are some of the aspects I can help you with. Online and in-person.  Click on each topic below to reveal more information.

*Clarity for Products & Services - Vision, Values, Direction

Get clear on your what and why and how you can develop, launch and communicate more effectively. This can be a workshop in itself; it is constructive, engaging and truly insightful. You will be a-buzz with ideas.

Perhaps a business idea hasn’t taken off, or you are hitting a few bumps in the road and not sure how to get to the next stage. 

Is it time to shine brighter and become a lighthouse for your business customers, and you are looking for ways that feel aligned and do-able. 

This can also be explored on a group workshop basis too. It can break the ice or revitalise small groups of colleagues, generate collaboration and understanding of how you / your business partners approach your product and service. Everyone has the opportunity to shine and play to their clear strengths and desires in the business. 


*Website + Copy Creation

Content Creation for websites, marketing materials, packaging. From scratch or editing to put across aligned messaging or simply to ‘get things done’. Wording that sounds like you / your business. 

Website / web page structuring.

From £125

*Restructure + Revamp

Already got a website but note sure it is linking with your business plans, and activities? 

Enhance layout, navigation and content positioning on your website and website content for greater impact. Mapped out for you or a website developer to put into place. Copy can also be enhanced along the way.

From £180 for 2 pages  Full website from £340

*Branding + Messaging

I intuitively explore with you, creating, enhancing and structuring your branding and messaging. This insightful process will support you in understanding your own messaging, it will provide you with a tool for your future content across your business, and of course social media, so that your regular tasks are meaningfully structured and the process including regular posts naturally streamlines. Communication plans for the months ahead will naturally evolve and be greatly supported by this illuminating process. 

Our consultation session is around 1 hour and I provide a summary of your messaging session. 

From £180 for messaging for an existing brand​


This option can include working with a graphic designer to create the full logo file or the intuitive briefing option. 


Complete support: 

Messaging + Intuitive Look & Feel Branding & Vision Briefing – checking in with you & your designer


*Intuitive Look & Feel Branding + Vision Briefing Solution

Fully prepare and receive a brief before hiring a web designer or graphics consultant. I intuitively create the brief and support you in having a clear understanding of your requirements, so you avoid high charges for additional time. Having a clear reference for the look and feel takes the pressure off you and the designer. It provides a clear structure and I am happy to be a sounding board and check in on progress if required. 

Perhaps you are a designer and you and your client can’t quite get the feel just right. You love working with your client, but something isn’t sitting quite right. It may be the wording, colours, graphics, or positioning of the overall offering? I can step in and bring fresh energy and perspective to the project and help you get moving again, supported by the reference document and intuitive consultation. I am happy to be a sounding board and check in on progress if required. 


*Event Content Creation + Workshop Planning

On/offline Workshop and event content planning sessions – the perfect sounding board for your vision. This motivating and clarifying session/s to help you move from having a niggle to creating a clear outline, framework, target audience and, if you wish, personal support during the marketing process. 

From £150



I would highly recommend Adele to anyone...

“I contacted Adele when I felt my business interests and direction were veering away from my personal values which consequently were becoming absorbed and clouded. Adele’s unique approach of applying reiki healing and associated exercises allowed me to safely step away from my pressures to rediscover where my true interests lie. Being guided through the (re)discovery process and applying some visualisation techniques, I now find myself in the enviable position of having a very clear, exciting future ahead. Adele is highly talented and her unique ability to blend reiki principles with her vast commercial and corporate experience is powerful. I would highly recommend Adele to anyone who feels they need to reassess their work, personal life or both to achieve authenticity and success.”


Mr B, Managing Director

Harrogate, UK


She helped us find clarity and a vision...

“Adele helped us immeasurably when launching a new division. She helped us find clarity and a vision for the roadmap to market that proved not only invaluable but saved time, money and resources. Adele’s background supporting and working around significant projects in the city shines through. She is an asset to any organisation from conceptual stages of a company through to specific project help. I have no problem whatsoever in recommending Adele’s consultancy, Concept to Creation.”

Mr BW Business Owner/ Director, Yorkshire

...have driven our business forward...

“Adele you’ve made a massive difference to our business, the changes you’ve made have driven our business forward, you have given us a different mindset to our business, our shop looks amazing and so looking forward to the future. I will recommend you to everyone who wants to drive their business forward. All the best”

Simon and Lizzy Clayton, Claytons Carpets, Homestyle & Gifts


Is it difficult to distinguish between personal and business life challenges? Would you love to deepen your understanding of your path, connection and relationship with your business?

Constantly busy, hiding, shrinking, stuck, resentful, yearning, feeling thwarted. Perhaps you are excited yet unclear and not sure how to implement your inspiration?

DURATION: 4 x 1.5 hour sessions + 2 x 30 minute check-in calls

PRICE: £740* (*1 Business session @ £180 for 1.5 hours)

This course delivers a blend of soulful discovery, practical business and intuitive guidance and energy healing. One in-depth session a month, with check in calls you can allocate when you need a sounding board between sessions. The dynamics of the programme help you clarify and explore your business vision at this time. Aligning your offering and getting clear on the values and direction of your business can save you time, struggles and money.

Incorporating aspects of (Re)Connect we explore YOU & YOUR BUSINESS world.

Together we journey, past, present and future; discovering, clarifying and honouring the core values that you hold true today, uncovering their qualities and legacy. We transpose these into practical steps and look at how you can implement these changes.

Your connection and relationship with your business is illuminated and revealed layer by layer; there is a focus on compassionate and candid review, your relationship with yourself strengthens and intuition becomes your truest guide, no longer defining yourself by your past experiences or limiting stories.

The course will help you to acknowledge your skills and gifts, uncover the glory of your offering at this time. We are soulful beings in a material world and so we will explore your relationship with wealth and money.

You will learn how to work with your life experiences, through the gains, losses, limiting beliefs, challenges and embrace changes with compassion and wisdom that leads only to your gains and mastery. When your authenticity shines through your employees and clients relate to you with ease as they enjoy a truly consistent unique experience through your business offering.

*Please ask about x2 instalment option for courses.

*You can blend Business Alchemy programme by adding on any of the À La Carte options so you simply pay for the support that you need.


“I don’t think of work as work and play as play. It’s all living.”

Richard Branson

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