Privacy Policy

Thank you for checking in on my Privacy Policy. This is where I can reiterate and sincerely say that our work together is held in a secure space, neither do I spam or share your details.


Valuing Your Time and Privacy: You & Your Data

My purpose is to help you find ease in life and business, so when I collect and use your data it is done so with the intention of sharing what is most relevant to you. I live and breathe periodic de-cluttering so my business reflects that.

Much of my free daily support is via Instagram and Facebook so I see no need to send my work everyday to your inbox as well.

Your data will be collected and securely stored when you:

  • Purchase services or products from me, directly or via my website
  • Download prepared learning materials from my website such as help sheets
  • Opt to sign up for newsletters
  • Enquire about working with me
  • Sign up to receive seasonal special offers

I only integrate GDPR compliant tools including but not limited to, MailChimp and Acuity. 

They make it super easy for you to opt in / opt out at your leisure.

Telepathy is really handy: However it’s great to receive…

  • Confirmations of our appointments
  • Confirmations of purchases
  • Email support and guidance following your consultation. N.B. This is part and parcel of the packages
  • Invitations, Events & Special Workshops
  • Special Offers
  • Access to new tools online
  • Seasonal updates


It’s Between You, Me and the CtC Tree: Privacy & Creating Our Soulful & Secure Space

I have racked my brain (and meditated!) and can see no reason for sharing your details.

If during our work together we need to enlist the help of specialists, such as graphic designers with whizzy graphic packages and an eye for pixels, canny photographers with fabulous lenses and a love of lighting, or specialised website tech support, then we will have chosen that person together. I will introduce you to my contacts, with their permission first of course. That may sound like an eternal loop, but it works both ways and it works well.

Any notes and documents of our work together are stored in locked cabinets and on password protected devices to which only I have access. Notes online or printouts may include:


  • Idea Generation
  • Light Your Path discovery call notes
  • Project development, such as logo, text, web content
  • Reiki healing work – minimal notes are kept, including next steps


Should you prefer for me not to hold your documents, once our work is complete we can agree a time when I will securely dispose of them. Deleting files or secure cross-shredding as necessary.

Housekeeping: Please note that you are responsible for backing up your files and copies of notes.


 Decluttering: Unsubscribing

Trusting in the power of a good old de-clutter, you are free to say “Tally-Ho” at any time.

Simply click the unsubscribe button at the bottom of any group or automated emails. This will remove your name and details from the list.

You can also email me if our contact has been direct. Simply put “Unsubscribe” into the Subject. You don’t need to explain; I will reply within the permitted time frame to confirm and send you my warmest wishes for your onward journey. You know where to find me in the future.


If at any stage anything is not clear, you have a question or feedback you can contact me via email. The address for any data related queries is also [email protected]

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