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Business Consultant

My role as a business consultant is to guide and support you in developing your self-awareness and skills in business. To discover what feels good for you and what works for you is a process and there are no magic fixes. Once you commit to self care and development it is possible that life will take you in directions and on adventures that you had not imagined.

There is always free will. Feeling as though you have no choice can be a difficult place to experience in life; my intention is to identify and shine a light on the options  and / or path forward; it is up to you to do the homework and choose what is right for you each step of the way. Success in life after all is an inside job. Support is here for my clients to learn, or develop, find ease, smooth their path forward or a combination of the aforementioned.

Consultations are mostly online. Face to face can be arranged. I also provide workshops for groups.


Reiki Master

My role as a Reiki Master is to teach about energy and Reiki, and to deliver Reiki treatments distantly and in person.

I am trained and attuned under both the Western and Eastern Usui lineages. Healing is a deeply individual experience, and no two treatments will be exactly the same.

I work often on an intuitive basis and if you opt for additional consultation time at the end we can discuss in greater depth your next steps. This is done once the Reiki treatment has  ended. I then move on to use my intuition and practical knowledge to consider what might be most helpful for you at this time. It is neither predictive nor prophecy and it is never in replacement for seeking the correct medical or professional advice.

Reiki is a complementary therapy and is a safe addition to western medicine. You must always consult a GP/Physician with any health concerns.

The space I hold is one of respect, sincerity and compassion. My clients likewise respect my practice while I uphold the ethical provision of Reiki. Your experience is confidential to you, anything that is discussed before or after treatment is treated with discretion.

Permission must always be sought from the person who is to receive Reiki prior to the treatment being given. Distant or in person.

Group workshops offer a fusion of meditation, personal discovery and shorter healing sequences. They are a different format in their own right, as such they are not a substitute for 1-2-1 Reiki sessions.


Personal Responsibility

Support and guidance is one part of the journey. What you do when you step away from our interactions through consultation and healing is up to each client. I actively encourage my clients to be kind and considerate to themselves and others while they are going through a process of change.

Change takes time and once the wheels are set in motion it is important for you to check in with yourself on what does and does not feel aligned in your life. Beyond our consultations life happens, however, you will be learning the tools and have the supported space to consider your options, strategy and if you have chosen to Reiki in addition to Business support then you also have those appointments which will give you another dynamic for processing change and developments.

We are all responsible for our decisions, implementing actions and self care.


 Bookings and Payments

Consultations and packages for any duration are payable in advance.

I understand concerns around cash flow and investing in yourself and business in the early days. Payment plans can be arranged for 4 week and 6 week packages if this is an issue, please ask during your call with me.

Invoicing: Only longer term, bespoke support / consultancy (over 6 weeks). A deposit is payable for the initial 4 week period, following which, where there is proven cashflow, we switch over to invoice payments on a rolling basis.

Circumstances where Online Consultations experience minor interruption e.g. due to technical issues, will be managed at the time, usually by extending the appointment for up to 15 minutes at the end. Should there be interruption that comes about due to major technical issues, then the consultation will be stopped and we will re-book the session to complete the full appointment time.



The duration and format of the consultation is detailed on the website and on your email confirmation.

It is always advisable to allow a little extra time for making notes and summaries at the beginning and end of the scheduled appointment time. This is so you can be settled and make the most of your consultations.

If you have any queries please email [email protected]



If you book an appointment and wish to cancel more than a week in advance you will receive a 50% refund.

Rescheduling can be done online free of charge via the link in your email confirmation.

Appointments cancelled less than 7 days in advance receive 20% refund of the price paid.

I respectfully request that we agree to giving 48 hours notice wherever possible should we need to reschedule.

Missed appointments are non-refundable.

If at any stage anything is not clear, you have a question or feedback you can contact me via email. The address for any data related queries is also [email protected]

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