Creating a small business can be a most 
fulfilling and empowering, enjoyable life project.

Concept to Creation can help you bring your business project or idea in a sketchbook to life.

Bespoke support for you and your business guides you through the fastest and easiest steps to success.

The experience of starting a new business or project is unique to everyone and we all have great skills to support this process. 

Here’s what I’ve discovered in nearly 20 years in the working world:

Many of us have untapped reserves of skills we never knew we we had, and that is where my approach is as unique as it is supportive, friendly and fun.

When you are ready to commit to you vision there are no exceptions.


  • Lack of clarity
  • Lots of ideas spinning around in your mind
  • New territory and no prior experience in starting a business, let alone marketing, branding, design and messaging.
  • Working alone and don’t have a sounding board. 
  • Never underestimate the power of water-cooler chats in the office, the friendly experienced sounding board that gets you unstuck.
  • Finding the time to get the basics in place when you are already working can also be a block to getting started.


  • Get crystal clear on your business idea…before committing to high set up costs or taking out loans
  • Break down the process into manageable, supported steps
  • Get to the heart of your blocks
  • Develop your brand, design, messaging 
  • Support with copywriting for your website and promotional materials
  • Get an achievable plan in place to create feelings of ease, enjoyment and ‘I can do this’ mindset
  • Create a business that is the true essence of you


If you have a nagging idea, a recurring day dream, put pen to paper but don’t turn those amazing thoughts into actions, the right support can help you overcome these common obstacles.

Work through the process of creating your brand, website content, and promotional materials with likeminded people,
sharing experience and expertise to create your dream business.

Take a look at the flexible support options with Concept to Creation!

1-2-1 consultations, 1-2-1 workshops, group workshops &  face to face and online

What this is not:

This is not a structure or approach that hooks you in to expensive retainers and creates dependency. This is also not a programme that sees you valiantly batting through a start-up process in a way that gives you the wobbles and rabbit in the headlights sleepless nights.

What this is:

Whether you have an idea, are an established small business, or a kitchen table start-up, the Concept to Creation approach will guide you forward through the steps, explore hidden skills, identify where you can save money, help you flourish and find your own infinite pool of solutions to move your business or project forward. You will learn how to minimise costs and have support with the tasks that in the past have felt overwhelming.

You will be supported in finding ease and enjoyment, while participating in developing your own brand, promotional materials, web content and much more so your business or project is in alignment with your direction of travel. 

Support can be called in when it is needed. I truly believe, and experience shows me, that people’s own inner resources produce wonderful, infinite possibilities to create and do more than they thought possible.

Be Supported


Soulful support that continues beyond your consultation…

Find Your Flow

Duration: 1hr 15 mins + email support for 7 working days  £233

This is for you if: 

♥ You have a target, need clarity want a consultation and support afterwards to keep you on track through the following week. You’ll be amazed by what you can achieve. Weekends aren’t included in the 7 days. Take your breaks!  You receive 7 WORKING days of support. 

♥ You’d love to start your own business or creative project but want to sound out the idea before committing your time, energy and money

♥ You feel cluttered, lost, stuck and want to ditch any overwhelm

♥ You want clarity and productivity for a specific area of your business (branding, messaging, creating content for service packages or workshop package) and you need help to get the creative juices flowing

♥ You have a small business and mini projects you can’t wait to bring to life but you don’t know where to start (if you go on to extend and book another package with me the saving is duly applied)

Get in Flow & Be Supported

Duration: 4 weeks – 1 hr 15 mins weekly call + email support Monday to Friday throughout £833  (saving £99)

This is for you if: 

♥ You’re ready to start developing the basics for your small business – logo, web content, branding, copy, forward planning

♥ You’d love help developing your business style truly in alignment with you

♥ You want to take a fresh look at your target audience and re-brand

♥ You would love support creating workshops and workshop content

♥ It’s time to integrate new offerings into your existing business

♥ You’d love step by step support with your business or creative project

♥ Find your Flow sounds great but you’re ready to receive support to develop ideas with on-going weekly support

♥ You have a goal and want results – “In one month I want to have…”

The Fusion Package

Duration: 6 weeks – 1 hr 15 mins weekly call + email support throughout  each week    £1,111  (saving over £300)

This is for you if: 

♥ You want to fully develop your logo, branding, copy, forward planning, web content, web layout and tie this in with social media planning – You want a business that is aligned with you

♥ You want to get past any mind-set blocks that accompany starting your own business or moving a project forward, taking the next step

♥ You want to develop good self-care practices and feel good in your flow while you get your business or project up and running

♥ You would love smoother, faster results with ease and in complete alignment with your authentic self

♥ You feel energy work and distant reiki healing will help you step up, show up and develop your business or creative project (2 healings per package worth £130)

♥ Any of the elements from Get in Flow sound great but you want to go deeper 

♥ You have an “up and running” target

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Adele x

MERAKI – (n)

To do something with soul, creativity or love. Your unique essence is infused in what you create.

You can get in touch with me here... If you have any questions about the packages, or wondering what coaching support is all about, drop me a line.

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